Land View Inc. has developed a coating system for dry fertilizers called "Granular Efficiency Technology." This innovative coating system utilizes Carbond Technology and additional components to increase plant nutrient availability of your current dry fertilizer blends. The enhanced efficiency of GET allows for application of 20% less fertilizer to achieve a maximum economic yield. Additionally, Zn, Mn and Cu evenly coat each granule throughout the fertilizer blend delivering superior coverage of micro-nutrients.


A Granular Coating System Specifically Designed To:

  • Enhance efficiency of phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen and sulfur crop uptake throughout the growing season (20%).
  • Promote even soil wetting and uniform distribution of nutrients in the rooting zone.
  • Deliver better coverage of micro-nutrients Zn, Mn, and CU into the soil.
  • Reduce the negative impacts of salts applied from fertilizer.

Increased Nutrient Mobility and Availability

GET bonds to nutrients in the soil promoting longer plant availability than conventional fertilizers alone.



Decreased Nitrogen Violatilzation

GET bonds with ammonia before it gasses off the surface by conversion to ammonium, a more stable and plant available form of nitrogen



Double Your Mode Action

GET reduces ammonia loss from top-dressed application of urea. Adding a reduced rate of NBPT with GET creates a synergism to maximize ammonium retention in the soil.

Increased P Solubility

Dry phosphorus fertilizer coated with GET has been shown to increase plant available phosphorus by 93%, 48 days after soil application, GET protects your phosphate allowing plants to utilize more P as needed.

Increased Micro Coverage

GET evenly coats each granule in your fertilizer blend with Zinc, Manganese, and Copper providing superior micro-nutrient coverage. Plant Like This below.



In Season Crop Tissue Test Results, % Increase with GET compared to Growers Standard

Only Available at Land View.

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